Dear Lefties
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Iíd love to correspond with some lefties. Iíd love to hear about itís like to live a left-handed life.

In our family, we were all forced to use our right hands and any indication of that left hand coming into play was quickly pounced on.

I even had a head injury as a child, fracturing the left side of my head. All the evidence I look at suggests that if I wasnít left-handed before this I certainly would have been afterwards. Did the doctors not explain this?

I can even remember my mother saying that my right hand writing after the head injury was like a hen walking across the paper, but still there was no let-up in this opposition to the left hand, which I was dying to use, but didnít dare.

Now in my 50s, I know my left side is strong, but I still feel guilty about using my left hand. I went to a hypnotist once trying to get him to Ďconditioní me to feel easier about using my left hand, but he would not really do what I was asking. He could have given me a new lease of life.



My name is Gerald Gaule from Albany Oregon...I am 42 and married. I am a retired Radio Broadcaster after 30 Years...
I would like to have penal from all over the world....I cook...I love HAM(Amateur Radio)..I collect Music....I work on the computer at home. I am a stay at home dad...(I do the housecleaning,Cooking,Laundry and more)..yes I even do the bathroom....YES I AM A LEFTY...and proud of it...I have Ukrainian descent as well...

I love Movies,traveling and many things. I love e mails. I was born in August...I am from the Birthplace of U-HAUL(Ridgefield Washington)...when I was in Radio I worked and met with many from Paul Temptations..The Coasters..The Drifters...The Kingston Trio..Jimmie The Kingsmen and many more...

Would like to hear from you...

please write me at


Hi Bernard,

My name is Bobbie Lynn, & I think it would be great to have pen pals who are left handed like myself. I live in Central PA, have one male domestic tiger short hair cat, who I believe is part Maine Coon, although the Vet disagreed with me....anyway, I also have a 15 gallon aquarium with tropical fish, I like to crochet, read, do counted cross stitch when I can see it, LOL..., & work on the computer with some of my home businesses on the net. I also have a couple of pen pals from Australia, & one from Scotland.
I'm 53 yrs. old, was born in Mississippi, & call North Carolina my roots. I will be 54 in August of this year, & now I find out that the 13th is Left Handed Day. Wow, that makes me feel very proud, I also have Cherokee Indian in me, of which I am very proud of, Irish & as you can see, I like to write long emails, & or instant messages.

Thanks for this site,

Bobbie Lynn