Here are a few pictures we felt would be interesting to you.

So......if you have an interesting Left Handed Themed picture...
 send it in to us with your name and email and we will give you credit for the picture.

She is using her left hand!!!


"Lefties Are
Beary Special"

If you want one go to...


A Left-Handed Tea Pot
...only in Japan!!!

The Great Left Hander.... SANDY KOUFAX

A Left-Handed Pianist

SO FOLKS ! ! ! ! !

Send in those pictures.  We will pick one as the Left Handed Picture of the Month and we will send a surprise gift to the winner.



lease write to me at LHLS@LEFTHANDER.COMI am asking you..... the public... to nominate a Left Handed Person who you think has done the most to advance the cause of Left-Handedness and to reduce the still existing prejudice in the world against us Left Handers.

Send in a paragraph on why you chose this person and what he/she has done, in your mind, to win this annual award.

This will be the first year that we will give this award. 

Also... we are looking for a Right Handed person to win the HONORARY LEFTY OF THE YEAR Award.  So again I say, send in a paragraph on why you picked this right handed person and he/she has done to win this award.

Again.... this is our first year to give these awards and we are anxious to hear your nominations.

When we get the nominations, we will put them on our website (in their own page) with the reasons they were nominated.  You... all you Left Handed Greats and all you Right Handed Greats will vote and the nominee with the most votes wins the award.

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