Dear Readers.......

Let me introduce name is
The Lefty Love Lady.

I was raised with a left handed brother.....married a left‑handed convert! ( U know the type....his mother was intimidated by the unusual idea of "being a lefty" and she forced him to go....Right!!!!  YUK!!!)

Then we had a Left‑Handed daughter.......and years later I had an accident that forced me to become a lefty!!!!

 Although.......I had already been using both equally for many years!!!
( Being a Gemini has it's advantages)

As for my qualifications to offer advice in the land of love.....wellllllll lets just use that old over used ...."been there ...done that"  and even more!!!!

I'm looking forward to your letters and if I can add something special to your life......welllll that's what I'm here for!!!!  soooooooo......Keep asking......and I'll do my best to give you a taste of  "The left‑side of Love"  !!!!!!        

Keep smiling!!


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Dear Lefty Love Lady:

I just started dating a really great guy!!!!!  only problem is.....he's right handed! Just seems like we just can't figure out this righty‑lefty thing!!!!   Can You please help??????

 A Lefty from Texas

Dear Lefty from Texas

Sometimes it's tough enough getting used to a new relationship ......but when  you have a built‑in challange it can be even tougher!!!  There are a few things to remember when dating a righty............make sure when you go out to dinner to sit to his left!!!...if you sit to his will be constantly bumping each other while you try to eat.......and we alllllllll  know how much we worry about lookin‑goooood while we are eating!!! 
Next........same rule applies when you dine with friends or when out to a party........this will save you lots of "bumping and Grinding" until the right moment comes!!!!    Just remember to keep control of the sure you think about the right verses left in every thing  you do..........after are the lefty!!!!......good luck with the new guy....and keep us posted on your progress!!!

Lefty Love Lady

Dear Lefty Love lady

I've been seeing the same guy for 8 yrs. now!!! we own a house together and have 3 dogs and a cat. He's my best friend BUT..........I never have felt like he was...."THE ONE" I met a new friend and he KNOCKS MY SOCKS OFF!!!!!
What should I do???

Barefoot in L.A.

Dear Barefoot in L.A.

Is this the first time you've warn socks???? You mean it took you 8 yrs. to put on a pair??? Is this new guy..."Best friend material?" It's one thing to put on a pair of socks and have them "KNOCKED OFF" but a far different thing to have some one to share all the things in life to LAUGH and LOVE about....think this one out carefully.....!!!!!! I've had my socks "KNOCKED
OFF" before.......and it gets old going barefoot!!!!!! I'd stick with the sweetheart who brings me my socks and shoes in the morning and ties them for me!!!!! especially if he's a lefty!!! hang in there....socks always go on
sale somewhere!!!! let us know how it goes!!!!!

Lefty Love Lady