I love the notion of this site but I'm wondering just how international it is. It seems to have a very USA focus and, if that is so, it would be about as international as the World Series.  It really is about time there was a truly international advocacy organization who would represent the plight of lefties world-wide.  We have lived with the right-biased world for too long.

Once upon a time lefty's were forced to become right-handed.  This caused no end of problems.  Now that we are "allowed" to be left-handed without fear or favour there is a much higher proportion of lefties in the population.  Therefore, isn't it time the bias was lifted.  Shouldn't we be able to find classroom furniture that doesn't leave us twisted and tied up in knots.  Shouldn't we be able to buy pens and pencils, kitchen tools and utensils, garden equipment, stationery and sporting equipment that suits us as easily and at the same cost as right-handers.   Shouldn't banks and other organizations have to print stationery such as cheque books that can be used by left- or right-handers  (in Australia and the UK cheque books open on the left not like the American ones which I believe open from the top). 

It's about time we had an organization that actively promoted the 'rights' of lefties everywhere and I'm hoping I've found it in this organization.  It will be a hard road, right-handers haven't a clue of the complexities of life for lefties, but we have to start somewhere.


Ii've happened to notice in several left handed people that i know (yes I'm sorry...I am a righty) that their 2nd toe is longer than their big toe. Does this have anything to do with being left handed or do i just know strange people??

Abby Ferguson  crazypainterabs@hotmail.com

Dear Abby:

It would seem that you know "strange people"!! Being right or left handed does not have anything to do with the size of your toes. It has to do with your GENETIC BACKGROUND or... genetic makeup.

Some people have longer toes than others. Some people have six toes on each foot. Some people are born with only four toes. So.... which hand you write on has nothing to do with your toes.

I hope this answers your question.

With the warmest of left handed regards, I remain...

Bernard Sands


Thank you for responding so quickly! About 1 1/2 years ago I ran into your corporation when I bought your first ever, left handed camera. I just LOVE it. I have recommended it to several other people. At that time your corporation sent me a pen. I think that's the one on your web site. I use it every day, since now I'm totally left handed. For 41 years I WAS right handed, and because of a horse accident (severe brain damage) I am now left handed. If you can send me a new pen that would be GREAT! I'll enclose my name and address. Thank you so much.

Cindy Rudd   cmlll5@comcast.net
So happy to have found you.  I have been a very proud lefty all my life.  I find it to be a bragging point.   Growing up, I went to a high shcool for academically gifted.  It was the first time in my life I ever saw student chairs with the arm on the left!  Half the chairs in each classroom were made for lefties.
     Another lefthanded point of pride for me - I have one son, he's lefthanded.  He has one child - she's lefthanded.  I know I didn't mention the other parent of these left handed gifts, that's because they're right handed.  I am the child of two righties.  There are more and more lefties nowadays.  There is hope for the world.
 Evelyn Harvey    divabvee99@yahoo.com

I am a left-handed female physician. My maternal grandmother and paternal grandfather were both left- handed. I have three children ( Their father is right-handed). My son, born on National Left-handers Day, August13, is left-handed. My identical twin daughters are also left-handed.

We must be some sort of interesting statistical anomaly, so I thought I would share.

Randi Kodroff   DrKodroff@aol.com

Creative Thinking ~ To all those left handers.

You may poses a unique gift. I watched a program once on creative thinkers and was surprised to see that many had one thing in common. Being left-handed.I read about this further and found that these unique people pursued their unique ideas and well the rest is history.I now possess a patent which makes me money in its prototype stage and was one of the top business ideas in Australia in 1999. More to come. I remember the tv program in great visual detail but cannot remember the name. Sound familiar.

Mark Rayner ~ Austrailia    mrkray@iprimus.com.au

I really came across this site by accident. I am glad and relieved that there is a site of this nature.I work for a very dynamic unit of parliament and am the only left handed person in the unit. I never really had a problem with my left handedness, but feel free to send me info I am very very interested.

Jackie Zils ~  North Africa     jzils@parliament.gov.za

I'm so glad I found the website.I was hoping there was something like for lefties

       Tony Griggs ~  Kansas   

I am 100% lefthanded. I also have the capability to write backwards known as mirrorwritting. Many righthanded people have me told it is because I'm a LEFTY. I only know of one other person and that was Leonard de Vinci, whom wrote all his notes in mirrorwritting. I would like to know if anyone can mirrorwrite or knows more about it. I have always wondered why I have been able to do this since I was a child.   

Juanita ~  Michigan


Hi Juanita,

Well, you are not alone, I have been a "mirror writer for many years. It all started at school. I always got marks deducted for poor handwriting. Next to me sat Robby, whose handwriting was like something out of a Calligraphy book, amazing, beautiful !! Naturally I was jealous and watching him I knew as a lefty I'd never be able to draw the pen along as he did,,,,,, unless !!!!  yup you guessed it,,,,,,,,unless I wrote backwards. I'd always experimented with backwards writing, even as a kid, so doing joined up writing was a simple extension of that. When I got to work, I was told that I was copying Da Vinci ?? Wrong !!
It was a skill I enjoyed doing for years and write all birthday, Christmas and other greetings backwards, in fact notes to people as well, just to show off I guess, but it usually brings a smile.  My grandma loved it and told me that she was left handed and sometimes wrote backwards. A dear friend (now in heaven with gran) was also a lefty and lived in Austria, who were "backwards" in their attitude to lefties for a long time. He was forced to use his right hand (I lived there as a kid, they tried and failed with me). Anyway, one day, under severe pressure, he was forced to write his name and did it perfectly,,,,,,, in mirror writing. Sorry for the long email, just thought you'd like to know. I've copied it to the website, hope you dont mind
 bye for now

(I work in computer support)

What a GREAT site... I've always felt out of place in this right handed world, and never had the opportunity to link up with other lefties. I've been using computers in one form or another now for the past twenty years, and of course, one of my biggest gripes is the lack of left handed versions of top products - Logitech for example... great mice and trackballs, as well as joysticks. Any for us? Nope! This is probably the one BIGGEST subject that I'm most passionate about - even
thought about forming my own UK based (and worlds first) paramilitarylefthanded group!!! :-))  heheheheh If there's anything I can contribute to the cause, please give me a shout!

Regards, Mark   mark@mohave.demon.co.uk

I am really enthralled to find a site that I can say that I am a part of.  In this right handed dominated world, where right from opening a door (of a refrigerator or a cupboard) to using a pair of scissors to driving a car you need to use your right hand more than your left, its really time that we show to the right handers that we are also indomitable.Its really important for we left-handers to leave an indelible mark. I am willing to help & contribute what I can, if you feel I can do something. I shall keep writing.    Thanking you,

Yours sincerely, 

Ganesh Subbaraman    s_ganesh@softhome.net

I live in Korea. and I manage a internet, trade firm. A  name of  company is '3DIGITAL'. My working area is U.S., Central Asia and Korea. I have a lot of ideas for lefthander.com. That is because I also want to make site such like this. Let's break unreason and make a nice community. I am a member of 'MENSA'. I invite lefthanders to join MENSA. Let's make a discuss to develop this site. I am staying in almaty, Kazakhstan. bye!

Hosung Shim   shimsmail@yahoo.co.kr

I say it is about time! I still remember the day when I first saw the original Left Liberation Front page. I was so excited that I jumped out of my seat. But when I tried to email the name I got return to sender. So every once in a while (for over a year it seems) I would check on the progress of the Front. Now that we are underway, I would like to help with any means available to me. I think I will start by actually looking at the site, since I wrote this as soon as I got here.


Dan Gloeckner    DernestG@aol.com

Dear Lefty
I am a fellow lefthander.  I have heard of there being a scholarship for being left-handed, although I have not been able to find any information on it anywhere. If you know of the information for the scholarship I would be grateful to have it.  If you could please e-mail me what ever information you have I would be very grateful. 

Thank You.  Shannon    shanni1715@aol.com

Dear Shanni1715:
Got your message to the Left Handed Liberation Front and it is a good question.  WE will do some research for you and we would like to print your letter in our letters' page.  My only question is do you want us to publish your email address so people can write directly to you or would you prefer to check our letter page periodically to see if anyone came up with the info you asked. Please let me know A.S.A.P.    Many thanks for your interest.

Bernard Sands
President.  L.H.L.F.

Dear Lefty
I am Thinking about Joining but I have a Question: I would Like to join a valid forum for the Left and don't want people who think with their Right.and what about people who join who are not left handed they tend not to play fair.


Dear Neurobob:
Let me take your points one at a time.FIRST:   RE;  A valid forum for the left. We are both a VERY VALID forum for the left-handed and the many injustices we all have found in a right handed world. BUT.... we also intend to have fun doing it.  People can accept more from comedy, fun, etc than they can being serious.  SO..... we will be both serious and fun. SECOND:  RE:   ... don't want people who think with their right... WELL..... that would eliminate many great people both present and past. What about the right handed GEORGE WASHINGTON or the right handed IRVING BERLIN  or the right handed FRANKLIN DELANO ROOSEVELT without whom... as president of the US during WWII, we would probably have lost the war and all of us would be speaking either German or Japaneses. THIRD:   RE:.... What about people who join who are not left handed, they tend not to play fair. I don't know how old you are but LIFE doesn't play fair.  TRuth does not always win out.  This organization is mine and my associates.  WE ARE PREDOMINATELY LEFT HANDED ! ! !    It is our job to see that everyone who joins, everyone who visits our site, everyone who even remotely has anything to do with the LEFT HANDED LIBERATION FRONT, INC. will be treated not only fairly but equally. I hope I have answered your questions satifactorily.   If you need any other questions answered.... please write.
I do thank you for your letter and your interest.

Bernard.... THE LEFTY'S LEFTY.

Dear Lefty
  As a lefty, I think it is great that you have a site dedicated just to us.  I haven't had time to surf the whole thing, but one suggestion:  Please do something about the automatic music on each page.  It
doesn't seem to have a button to shut it off and it doesn't ever stop.  It is a tad distracting (especially combined w/the cool animation stuff). Just a thought on improving - Have a great day!

Heather Bennett   heather_bennett@hotmail.com

Dear Heather:
Thanks  a lot for your nice letter and suggestion.  We will include a button that can/will turn off the music if you don't want to hear it.  Your suggestion will be taken and you should see the results in a week or two.I would like to make a suggestion to you.  please write us another letter about being left-handed.   Maybe your first experience in a right handed world.  What was it like to go to school as a lefty. Of course we know that we lefty's are more intelligent...talented....creative.... etc.   I could go on and on....!!!!   So.... Let us hear from you again and MUCHAS GRACIAS for your suggestion.

Bernard..... THE LEFTY'S LEFTY

Dear Heather
Thanks for your comment.. due to yours and a few others, in the interestof speed and getting the information and fun out to all you lefties,the music and animation has been removed from the site. You will find the pages load much more quickly.

Jozie..The Webmaster

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