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Left-handers have been linguistically abused for centuries! There are hundreds of (mainly abusive) terms for left-handers.

There are a lot of sayings where "right" is good and "left" is bad e.g., "being in your right mind", "the divine right of kings", it will be all right in the end" as against being "left out", having "two left-feet", "a left-handed compliment" (one that is not really meant!).

Even the word for "left-handed" in many languages is very negative:

Greek Skaios Ill-omened, awkward
Italian Mancini Crooked, maimed
Spanish Zurdo Reverse - No Ser Zurdo = Clever
French Gauche Awkward, clumsy
Dutch Linkshandig To "have two left hands" means to be clumsy.
German Links, Linkisch Awkward
Norwegian Kjevhendt Crooked-handed (also advised to us as keivhent, left-hander)
Swedish vänsterhänd  
Australia Mollie Dooker Something to do with having fists like a girl
Portuguese canhoto  
Latin Sinister

On the left-hand side

On the right hand side (dextrous)

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