Let us join together to celebrate LEFT-HANDER”S DAY, August 13th, The good news is the world wide prejudice against Lefties is growing less and less every year. The bad news is there still a great deal of prejudice existent.

I am Bernard Edwin Sands.... The President of THE LEFT- HANDED LIBERATION SOCIETY. (WWW.LEFTHANDER.COM) I formed this organization primarily to educate both the Left-Handed and the Right Handed people about Left Handedness so that children of today will not have to go through the painful prejudice my peers and I went through in our formative years.

When I was a child just starting school, they tried to force me to become right-handed. The first thing the teacher did was take a ruler and beat the inside of my left wrist. It didn’t work... I was still left-handed. Then, the school, for two years, tied my left hand behind my back until I stuttered so badly I could not speak. They finally gave up.

The main scar I suffered from this treatment is, to this day, when I am mentally or physically tired I become seriously dyslexic. It is a terrible thing to try to force any left-handed child to become right-handed. It denies his being able to use the dominant side of his brain.

One of the projects of THE LEFT HANDED LIBERATION SOCIETY is to work with Educators, Professors, Physicians, etc. who are studying HANDEDNESS. Our goal is to have a world wide symposium re: Handedness, its effects, and its trials and problems and to educate the public that being Left Handed is neither evil nor bad... but a brilliant and challenging alternative to being Right-Handed.

We humans actually have two brains in our skull. They are joined at the base of the skull. Usually one brain is dominant. If the right brain is dominant we are Left-Handed. If the left brain is dominant we become Right-Handed. Each brain has a different purpose. The right brain is more for artistic endeavor – which is why most great artists of history have been left-handed. The right brain is more for logical, business thinking. When they are connected ... we function on both levels with one side being more dominant than the other.

The unusual fact is, that anywhere in the world we go, whatever the main religion of the country is... Christian, Jewish, Islam, Buddhist, Shintoist etc. there is always the “fear” and ridicule of left-handed people. In almost every country, parents and schools still try to make children “Right-Handed.” So... let us all, in honor LEFTHANDER’S DAY.... be proud of our handedness... be proud of our accomplishments... be proud of the many famous people of history... the great artists... the great sports legends... the great actors... the great architects... all of whom helped shape the culture, art and music we enjoy today.