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 Dear Lefty

I wrote a letter regarding this two weeks ago. I don't know if your site
received it. But something a friend keeps saying to me about left-handers, which upsets me. I want to hear it from you, so I have facts.

This friend is a left himself, but keeps insisting on this. He says only
1 in 400 women are left-handed, and the reason why is because it is
produced by a male hormone. So if you are a left-handed women you have too many male hormones.

Of course this upset me, I kept telling him I know many other left-handed women, and he still persists. He reckons he read it in a New Scientist magazine, but has never shown me the article.

So can you please tell me if it's true? I've been through enough hassles
as it is being left-handed, been picked on bullied, you'd know what it's
like. But this - being told I'm butch I can't cope with. I've always been a very feminine woman.

Please let me know. If my friend is wrong, I will have something in writing to show him. (Even if only on a site).

Yours faithfully
Christine, South Australia
Who can we write to in order to find camcorders/digital cameras which can be operated by lefties (In the US)? I cannot believe all photographers are right-handed-- I am becoming frustrated as I seek a decent digital camera which isn't skewed to one-hand-- and it isn't ours.

        Jo Schaper
Dear Lefty
Why do companies such as Microsoft and Logitech insist on
producing these ultra comfortable shaped "mice"  only in a RIGHT HANDED form.  Get your act together and make leftie versions PLEASE !!
........Vince in England
Dear Vince in England....
Here in the old U.S. we can get a lefthanded mouse.  One of the reasons I formed the Left Handed Liberation Front was to find, identify and offer Left-Handed Products at a Right-Handed price.  Please keep up with out may take a little time but we are looking for the most Left-Hand Friendly mouse available.

Why not write us another letter and tell us about left hand life in England?????

 Bernard.... The LEFTY'S LEFTY.
Dear Lefty
In my country the coffee is a traditional drink. we cook
coffee in a kind of pot. There is point on the pot to fall out the coffee to
the small cup. As usual this pots (it name is "cezve")are produced for
I never  had sucess to fill the cups perfectly. half of coffee in the cup and
half of coffee in the dish. this not my gripe but I think my friend's

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