To our site visitors:
 All the people shown “On This Day” are LEFT-HANDED. 
 Some were born on this day and some died on this day.
  If you know of someone we have not listed.... SEND IT IN ! ! ! ! ! 

June 20th
     Siobhan Fallon - U.S. Actress
June 21
     Prince William - the Left Handed Heir to the Throne of England
     Nicole Kidman - Australian Actress born in 1967
     Cardinal Montini was elexted Pope Paul VI in 1975
June 22
     John Dillinger - U.S. Gangster and also Left-Handed
     Carl Hubbell - U.A. Baseball player
     Bruce Campbell - U.S. Actor
June 23rd
     Josephine — Consort of Napoleon — Both Josephine and Napoleon were Left-Handed!

June 24th
     In 1779 a rare total eclipse of the sun was visable from the entire United States.
     Wayne Cashman — U.S. hockey player — Left Handed
     Jack Carter - U.S. Comedian and Movie Star
June 25th
     In 1876 Custer’s Last Stand was fought
     In 1997 Jacques Cousteau died
     Carly Simon — U.S. Singer Born — Left Handed
     Billy Wagner — U.S. Baseball player
June 26th
     In 1896 a 110 foot tidal wave ran over cities along Japan’s east coast killing almost thirty thousand people.
     Chris Isaak — U.S. Singer
     George Michael — British pop star
     Robert Davi — U.S. Actor
June 27th
     H. Ross Perot — U.S. Business man and presidential candidate
     Helen Keller — U.S. Writer who was born both deaf, dumb and blind.
June 28th
     Bruce Davison — U.S. Actor
     Mary Stuart Masterson — U.S. actress
June 29th
     Today is the feast of Saints Peter and Paul.
     In 1971, three Soviet astronauts died in space by decompression
     Stanley Ralph Ross — U.S. Writer, Actor
June 30th
     In 1936, GONE WITH THE WIND was published
     Robert D. Ballard — U.S. Oceanographer
July 1
     Dan Aykroyd — Canadian Actor
July 2nd
     Joe Magrane — U.S. Baseball player
     In 1937, Amelia Erhart’s plane disappeared over the S. Pacific
     In 1777 — Vermont became the first state to abolish slavery.
July 3rd
     The Battle of Gettysburg in the year of 1863
     Tom Cruise — U.S. Actor
     Dave Barry — U.S. Writer
     Montel Williams — U.S. Talk Show Host
     Robert Haag — Meteorite Man searches the world for meteorites.
July 4th
     U.S. Independence Day
     Eva Marie Saint — U.S. Actress
July 5th
     The VERY first bikini was unveiled in Paris in a fashion show in the year of 1946. (Considered VERY risque)
     Dwight Davis — Founder of the DAVIS CUP
     Katherin Helmond — U.S. Actress
July 6th
     Thomas More was behead by Henry VIII in the year of 1535
     Sylvester Stallone — U.S. Actor
     Jennifer Saunders — British Actress and Writer
July 7th
     The first woman on the Supreme Court - SANDRA DAY O’CONNOR was nominated by President Reagan
     Ringo Starr — British Musician
July 8th
     Nelson Rockefeller — U.S. Vice-President
July 9th
     Argentine Independence Day
     Nikola Tesla — Serbian - U.S. Inventor. (Discovered A.C. Current)
     Elias Howe — U.S. Inventor who invented the sewing machine
July 10th
     In Japan today is the FEAST OF FORTUNE
     John Sholto Douglas — British Nobleman — 9th Marquess of Queensbury
July 11th
     Lisa Rinna — U.S. Actress
     Nicole d’Oresme — French Mathematician — B 1325 - D 1382
July 12th
     Richard Simmons — U.S. Exercise Guru
July 13th
     Czar Michael, founder of the ROMANOV dynasty died 1645
     Paul Prudhomme — U.S. Cajun Chef
     Nathan Bedford Forrest — U.S. Confederate General
July 14th
     BASTILLE DAY in France
     Gerald Ford — U.S. President
     Terry Thomas — British Actor
July 15th
     In 1783 the first successful steamboat made its maiden voyage
     “Shoeless” Joe Jackson — U.S. Baseball player
July 16th
     The first ATOMIC BOMB was exploded in a test in the State of New Mexico
     Vincent Sherman — U.S. Film Director
July 17th
     Korean Constitution Day
     Disneyland opened in Anaheim, CA in 1955
     The B-2 Stealth bomber made it’s first flight in 1989
     Anne Ramsay — U.S. Actress
July 18th
     Jane Austin dies in 1817
     Jessamyn West — U.S. Writer
     Steven Forbes — U.S. Businessman and Politician
July 19th
     The first Wimbledon Tennis Championships in 1877
     Vicki Carr — U.S. Singer
July 20th
     Pancho Villa assassinated in 1923
     Neil Armstrong’s Left Foot stepped on the Lunar Surface
July 21st
     Marshall McLuhan — U.S. Writer
July 22nd
     John Dillinger killed by FBI agents in 1934
     Albert Brooks — U.S. Actor and Director
     Robert Dole — U.S. Senator and Presidential Candidate
     Terrance Stamp — British Actor
July 23rd
     Anthony Kennedy — U.S. Supreme Court Justice
July 24th
     In South America this is SIMON BOLIVAR day
     Barry Bonds — U.S. Baseball Player
     Pat Oliphant — Australian - U.S. political cartoonist
     Dan Hedaya — U.S. Actor
     Simon Bolivar — Venezuelan Soldier-Statesman
July 25th
     The first “test tube” baby was born in England in 1978
     Jerry Doyle — U.S. Actor
July 26th
     The U.S. Post Office was established in 1775
     Dorothy Hamill — U.S. Ice-Skating Champion
July 27th
     Insulin was discovered in 1921
     The Korean war ended in 1953
     Keenan Wynn — U.S. Actor
     Sasha Mitchell — U. S. Actor
July 28th
     Haley’s Comet will return to earth in the year 2061 on this date.
     Robert Hughes — Australian Art Critic
     Rudy Vallee — U.S. Entertainer, Radio/Motion Picture Star
     Vida Blue — U.S. Baseball Player
     Garfield Sobers — West Indian Cricketer
July 29th
     Prince Charles and Lady Diana were married in 1981
     Melvin Belli — U.S. Attorney
     Wil Wheaton — U.S. Actor
     Ted Lindsay — Canadian Hockey Hall of Famer
July 30th
     Corn Flakes were invented in 1898
     Jimmy Hoffa disappeared in 1975 (Teamsters President)
     Lisa Kudrow — U.S. Actress
     Casey Stengel — U.S. Baseball Manager
     Laurence Fishburne — U.S. Actor
     Willaim Atherton — U.S. Actor
     Henry Ford — U.S. Industrialist
July 31st
     In 1954, K-2 was successfully scaled for the first time.
     Barry Van Dyke — U.S. Actor
     Edward Hermann — U.S. Actor