First and foremost, we want our members to have fun. We will plan for local get-togethers, progressive dinners, outings to various sports events, plays, and anything else our membership would like.

(Note:  these social gatherings will be in each geographical area that have met their membership quota)

We plan for both a local and National 

 as well as

for the right handed person who has done the most to advance left handedness in that year.

We will have travel and social events for all lefties including Single Lefties, Married Lefties,and Senior Lefties.  These events will be tailored for each group. We  will also have events for all members.

We will have an online newsletter which will inform you of all the interesting and important happenings for lefties including articles of Left Handed Health, Left Handed Travel, Left Handed Investing, Left Handed Advice to the Left Handed Lovelorn.  Contest (with interesting Left Handed prizes), Famous Lefties, Non-famous Lefties (profiling a member in each newsletter)

When we have enough members, we will even plan a Million Lefty March of Washington... to demand A Bill of Lefts & Equal Lefts for Lefties from the US Congress. After all we represent about 30% of the population and we are growing every year.

We are a VERY INTERACTIVE organization.  After all... we will reflect the desires and wishes of our membership. That's why we love to hear from you. What do you want from your Lefty Organization. 
What do you want to see in the newsletter?  What kind of activities would you like to do as a group?